Finding a reliable document destruction service in Berlin and Brandenburg is important for your company. Even on your shelves, confidential and personal data is constantly accumulating in ring binders. Under data protection law you are responsible for destroying these documents after the retention periods have expired.

And what is particularly important to know: You must never throw personal data into the wastepaper basket or paper recycling bin. This is a legally binding rule under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Violating the GDPR can result in severe penalties for your company!

But don’t fear - with Haberling you have a professional partner at your side, who will reliably take care of your data and document destruction in Berlin and Brandenburg.

We will be happy to advise you and offer you active support with the destruction of your sensitive data.

We looking forward to receiving your inquiry or even an order.

Your document destruction with Haberling is:

+ Secure, because we have the necessary expertise and technology
+ Affordable, because it costs you virtually no effort
+ Fast, because our company is located in the centre of Berlin

We are DIN-certified to ensure that your data is secure

We offer quality you can rely on - and can prove it! Our company is certified for the standard-compliant destruction of documents and data media, in accordance with security levels and protection classes according to DIN SPEC 66399. We guarantee professional, certified document destruction. We also hold an audit certificate in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Your data cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons at any time. We provide lockable security containers so that you can ensure this on site at your company. Once you have filled them, we collect the security containers by special vehicles and take them straight to the security area of our company premises in Berlin Charlottenburg. We only open the security containers in an area monitored by cameras and protected by entry and access controls and then destroy your documents.

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Our state-of-the-art shredding facility shreds your material up to protection class 3 in accordance with the strict guidelines of DIN 66399. The shredded material is mixed and pressed into paper bales. It is then made available to selected paper processing companies for recycling and further use.

After completion of the document destruction process you will, of course, receive a certificate from us. You can use it to confirm, if necessary, that you have fulfilled your obligations under data protection law.

Document destruction professionals in Berlin and Brandenburg

Your advantages with Haberling:

+ Certified specialist disposal company
+ Document destruction according to DIN 66399
+ Destruction up to protection class 3 and security level P-5 in compliance with the GDPR
+ Quality management DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
+ Receipt of a destruction certificate after completion of your order

What does "secure document destruction" actually mean?

When it comes to “secure document destruction”, you will often hear terms such as “General Data Protection Regulation”, “GDPR” and “DIN 66399”. What is behind these terms? We would like to explain this below.

The legal basis under data protection law for document destruction is the General Data Protection Regulation (abbreviated: GDPR). You can find the full text of the EU GDPR here: General Data Protection Regulation

DIN 66399 is derived directly from the requirements of the GDPR and governs its practical implementation. The standard defines specific "Technical and Organisational Measures" (TOM) that a service provider must observe.

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What is the General Data Protection Regulation?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a binding law throughout the entire EU. It applies to all companies and institutions and governs the handling of personal data in a binding manner. Storing and processing personal data without prior consent is prohibited. And storing personal data is only permitted in cases that are expressly permitted by the GDPR. The storage medium (digital or physical) is irrelevant for this purpose. Where storage is permitted, the GDPR defines the conditions for how personal data can be collected, stored and used. It also stipulates that personal data must be erased as soon as the reason for its storage no longer exists.

The stored data must be erased or destroyed in such a manner that a recovery by current technical means is impossible or only feasible with considerable technical effort.

What is personal data?

Personal data comprises all data by which a natural person can be uniquely identified. This includes data such as: address, e-mail, telephone number, date of birth, account details, vehicle registration number, IP address, location data and even browser cookies. It is important for companies and institutions that the term personal data” is defined very broadly. If you are uncertain, you should rather err on the side of caution and assume that the data is personal data. For document destruction purposes this means choosing a higher security level in case of doubt.

At what point in time can or must you destroy personal data?

In cases where data storage is permitted, data should ideally be erased immediately. If storage is justified and has been consented to, you are obliged to delete the data without undue delay as soon as the reason for storage no longer exists. This applies unless further retention is expressly prescribed by law.

As a result, specific retention periods must be observed for records and documents. These periods usually have a term of 6 or 10 years. Once the retention period has expired, the documents can or must be destroyed. Personal data must be destroyed in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR. DIN 66399 prescribes how these specifications are to be implemented technically.

What is governed by DIN 66399?

The German standard DIN 66399 formally defines and governs the destruction of documents and data media, as well as the disposal of shredded material.

Depending on the information content of a data medium, a specific protection class applies to it. Data media are classified by material, and security levels are defined for the mode of destruction of the documents or data media.

There are three protection classes for the classification of data media:

+ Protection class 1: normal level of protection (e.g., company correspondence)
+ Protection class 2: high level of protection (e.g., personnel documents)
+ Protection class 3: very high level of protection (e. g. secret service documents)

In addition, there are seven security levels, which stipulate the requirements for the degree of shredding for document destruction. You are always responsible for assigning these classifications, because only you know the content of your data.

Hence, you must specify whether "simple" shredding is sufficient or whether a data medium must be ground to "dust". Generally, security level 3 is sufficient. Security level 4 and above is for extraordinarily sensitive data, such as for secret service documents.

Of course, we will be happy to advise you on protection levels and security requirements.

Data media classified by material according to DIN 66399

Abbreviation Definition Examples
P Information is presented in its original size e.g., paper documents & other printed matter
F Information is presented in a reduced size e.g., microfilms or film tapes
O Information is stored on optical data media e.g., DVD, CD
T Information is stored on magnetic data media e.g. disks, magnetic tapes
H Information is stored on hard drives with magnetic data media e.g., conventional hard drives
E Information is stored on electronic data media e.g., SSD hard drives, chip cards, flash memory


Statutory retention period

In accordance with statutory retention periods, you must store certain data, documents and records for a specified period of time. The German Commercial Code (section 257 HGB) and the German Fiscal Code (section 147 AO) stipulate how long which documents must be kept. The retention periods usually have a term of 6 or 10 years. Once these periods have expired, the data can or must be destroyed. Especially if there is personal data stored in your documents, it must be destroyed in compliance with data protection regulations. Professional document destruction is in most cases the fastest, most reliable and affordable option.

Here you can download the currently effective retention periods: Haberling Statutory Retention Periods

Of course, our document destruction service in Berlin and Brandenburg is as sustainable as possible

+ By using a solar power system, we save about 13 tonnes of CO2 every year. This is the equivalent of planting around 40 trees.
+ In the past, we used to travel by horse-drawn carriage; today we use electric vehicles.
+ Destroyed material is recycled in accordance with the German Recycling and Waste Management Act.

We are your reliable contact for document destruction in Berlin, document destruction in Potsdam, document destruction in Cottbus and document destruction throughout Brandenburg. Ask us if we also offer our services in your region.

Document destruction in Berlin

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"Your friendly, helpful lady on the phone made my initial order with you very easy, and likewise the colleague picking up was extremely gracious. Many thanks again to all."

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If I am not mistaken I also talked to Mrs Kindermann. Marvellous service. I’d like to thank you and yesterday’s staff member very much. He was great, helpful, friendly and optimistic. No matter whether it used to be for the company or now for myself and for my friends. We all think you are truly excellent service providers in the best sense of the word. I just had to write you this or else because I really want to share my experience. Thank you very much until next time, very sincerely."

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"The company Haberling works very professionally: appointment allocation, even a change of date, the collection - all without problems. Both on the phone and during the pickup: very nice colleagues, thank you!!! Therefore: very gladly again!"

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"The option of having a security container delivered for a certain period of time and then sorting out the old files to be disposed of at your leisure until the agreed collection time is simply great. Ordering and delivery went smoothly and the employees were very helpful and friendly. Absolutely recommendable company. THANK YOU."

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"Absolutely well run. Appointment and compliance perfect. Telephone advance notice of the exact arrival date perfect. Everything went really well. Will remain a customer."

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"Competent and friendly exchange over the phone. Dropping off the files worked without any problems. Always happy to do business with us again!"

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Very secure! We take your documents straight to the security area of our premises in Berlin-Charlottenburg in security containers by special vehicles. This area is not only monitored by cameras but also protected by entry and access controls. Then the documents go directly to our state-of-the-art shredding facility, where they are shredded up to protection class 3 in accordance with the guidelines of DIN 66399. The destroyed material is mixed, pressed into paper bales and then made available to the paper processing industry. Upon completion of the destruction process, you will receive a certificate confirming that your documents have been disposed of in accordance with data protection regulations.

The costs of destroying your documents depend on various factors such as the amount of material, distance to the site, etc.
We will be happy to advise you on your options!

Yes, by using security containers and special vehicles we can guarantee you the highest level of security. Immediately after arrival in the security area of our premises, your documents are shredded according to the strict guidelines of DIN 66399. As a further security factor, all employees of our company are under a confidentiality obligation.

Yes, other data media (such as computer disks, CDs/DVDs, backup tapes, hard drives, etc.) are professionally destroyed by physical shredding. We use high-performance shredders for this purpose. The shredded material then undergoes material or thermal recycling. In this way we help protect the environment. Of course, you will also receive a certificate to confirm that your data media have been disposed of in compliance with data protection regulations.

We offer you lockable security containers in various sizes, which you can use to collect your confidential documents. In addition, our vehicles are GPS-monitored. This guarantees maximum security for the transport of your data to our shredding facility.

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