You have made the right decision if you finally want to tidy up your office or business in Berlin and dispose of your ring binders. They simply take up too much space in the long run.

More importantly, ring binders contain documents and data that are risky to store for data protection reasons. Storing your company’s internal data for longer than necessary is not in your interests.

The longer documents sit around in ring binders, the greater the risk of unauthorised access.

If your ring binders contain documents with personal data this is even more important, because it is your responsibility to destroy them according to the requirements of the GDPR. There are many good and important reasons why you should take care of this document destruction.

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Why is it important to dispose of documents?

The most important reason to dispose of ring binders is to keep your data safe. Sensitive data should and personal data must not be stored permanently. In many companies, ring binders are often freely accessible. This is an unnecessary risk factor in terms of data protection that you can easily fix.

Another reason why you should dispose of ring binders is quite simple: You don't have endless amounts of space on your company's shelves and in your archives.

How can you dispose of ring binders fast and affordably in Berlin?

Sensitive company data and personal data are best disposed of by a professional service provider.

Of course, you can do this yourself, but the secure disposal of ring binders is a technically complex challenge. The data protection requirements are clearly defined and a breach of the General Data Protection Regulation can result in severe penalties.

Commissioning a service provider like Haberling will mean hardly any effort for you as well as low costs. You also save a lot of time, because you can dispose of entire ring binders in our security containers without having to laboriously remove the documents from the binders first.

Haberling disposes of your files fast, securely and affordably!

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What does it cost to dispose of documents in Berlin?

That’s a legitimate question.
And the answer is simple:

Haberling makes it very affordable to dispose of documents and records. Our service is usually much cheaper and more secure than disposing of the binders yourself.

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Here are some price examples:

Offer good value comfortable periodically
Type of service one-off one-off permanent
Containers 240 litres 240 litres 240 litres

Price (without VAT)

55€  69 54€*

Ideal for a quick tidy-up of smaller amounts of ring binders. It takes just 15 minutes to complete the order.

For tidy-ups where you want to take your time. The security containers are at your disposal rent-free for the first 10 days Great if you are constantly handling sensitive documents that need to be disposed of as swiftly as possible. The containers are collected on a regular basis or on call.

* Costs after initial set-up: Rent €6.00 per container and month, cost of emptying:
€43.00 per container, travel to site €5.00 for up to 10 containers, plus VAT.

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