Prices are an important issue for any service, and the same goes for document destruction. In any case, it’s a good idea to find out about the costs of a service in advance.

We can already reassure you that document destruction by a service provider is very affordable in Berlin.

Isn't it cheaper to destroy the documents yourself?

Nevertheless, you may be thinking of destroying the documents on your own. This may sound like child’s play, but it’s actually a lot of hard work. If you have large amounts to destroy, it can easily take you several days. You will also have to dispose of the wastepaper yourself in the end.

The cost/benefit calculation for DIY document destruction is certainly negative. And there’s a very important aspect: Compliance with the legal requirements of the GDPR is by no means guaranteed.

In contrast, the cost of document destruction by a service provider such as Haberling is quite affordable. It means less work for you and compliance with the GDPR is guaranteed.

Of course, we will be happy to advise you. We look forward to receiving your inquiry or your order.

How do we calculate the prices for document destruction?

The costs of document disposal break down as follows:

  • Travel to your site - this is the largest cost item. For this we charge a fixed fee in Berlin, which depends on the distance to your site.
  • Conditions on site - how much effort does it take to set up security containers?
  • Container rental - this is only charged if containers are to be set up permanently with a regular service.
  • Destruction of the documents- the actual destruction of the documents is the last cost item.
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Travelling to your site accounts for the highest costs. Whereas the cost of additional containers is rather low. So, the price of our document destruction service is not much higher if you need several containers.

Secure document destruction at a low price

Good value

This offer is good for a quick tidy-up, where the files are already available and you fill the security containers directly on site. It takes just 15 minutes to complete the order.


A one-off tidy-up where you can take a few days’ time. Ideal for clearing out storage spaces & archives, relocations or liquidations. You fill the containers at your leisure and we collect them as soon as you are ready.


This offer is a permanent service. You rent one or several security containers and set them up in your company. We empty them on a regular basis or on call - just as you need it.


With this scheme we take normal recycling a step further. The material is sorted painstakingly and recycled in an optimum manner.


Deliver your documents to us yourself by appointment. As this eliminates travel costs to your site, self-delivery is the cheapest option for document destruction.

Whatever offer you choose, compliance with GDPR and the security of your data according to DIN 66399 is, in any case, guaranteed.

Simply order online now - in our web shop

We make life easier for you because we offer you an advantage that makes ordering your document destruction at a low price very simple: our web shop.

Our web shop features a variety of attractive offers to suit the different needs of our customers. If you can find nothing that meets your requirements, we will of course be happy to make you an individual offer.

Simply order online now!

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