Specialised Transport

From laboratory transports and high-tech transports to machine transports - we know what these projects are all about and support you with know-how and state-of-the-art transport technology.

Specialised Transport

Laboratory Transport

Relocating laboratories requires a high-degree of know-how, preparation, precision and care. This is because large-scale facilities, delicate pieces of equipment and complex structures present a particular challenge. It is definitely worth having a specialist in laboratory removals such as Haberling by your side as we have amassed decades of experience in this area. We always find just the right solution for each transport route.

It is very important to carry out careful preparation, planning and to work in consultation with our technicians before a laboratory is moved. We also consult hazardous materials experts if necessary. We work with our specialist partners when transporting chilled goods or hazardous materials.

We use specialist materials and tailor-made packing solutions to ensure that your technical equipment and the contents of your laboratory are correctly and safely transported. We determine the correct solutions during a consultation with you.

We also document and supervise the entire relocation process to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We can even handle the relocation of laboratories across international borders as we are part of an extensive network of logistics partners. We can also move your administration and production areas at the same time. Please ask us about this service.

High-Tech Transport

It is necessary to take special care when initially installing or storing high-tech items. Whether moving medical equipment, data centres or cash dispensers, we at Haberling will fully meet all of your logistics requirements if you need to move delicate and high-value products. Our logistics experts will visit your premises to obtain a clear overview of your requirements and will factor in all the relevant details. We will then specify the exact scope of the services you require in your own tailor-made logistics solution which may include services such as transportation, temporary and permanent storage, commissioning, distribution, pre-assembly, assembly, disassembly, returns services and reverse logistics.

We use box trucks with pneumatic suspension and special tail lifts to transport high-value equipment. We also have our own freight lifts with up to a 6 tonne payload which we can use to move heavy items if required and we can build special platforms to move equipment into difficult places such as through windows.

Our employees immediately know what needs to be done to ensure that your products are delivered on time, safely and completely undamaged. Our drivers continuously receive training on how to transport valuable and delicate goods safely. We follow rigorous and tried-and-tested work practices to ensure that everything is safely transported with the utmost care.

Transportation of Machinery

We transport every type of machinery weighing anything from 100 kg to 100 T across the whole of Germany. We use state-of-the-art transport technology for these types of assignments. We will find just the right solution to meet your machinery transportation requirements whether this requires the use of our efficient fleet of vehicles, specialised forklift trucks or crane baskets.

Overseas consignments are also a routine part of our business. When transporting machinery overseas we employ specialist packing materials. We shrink wrap the machinery with drying agents in polyethylene or aluminium compound foil to preserve them and protect them from corrosion.

We can work round-the-clock including weekends and public holidays if you require in order to minimise any losses in production. And what’s more, we can also store machinery for you.

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