Moving laboratories

Moving laboratories

Sensitive professionals
Are you relocating your laboratory or practice equipment, i.e. highly sensitive technology? Simply call upon our decades of experience, because moving a laboratory requires a great deal of special care. We guarantee extensive consulting and detailed planning of your move. Professional packing and safe transport of technical equipment and laboratory contents are at the forefront.

We make use of the following:

  • universal boxes made of plastic
  • special paperboard packaging with chamber systems for glass and all laboratory contents
  • cases with plastic foam inserts
  • special boxes for very delicate equipment
  • custom-made special packaging with shock and tipping indicators.

Of course, we also take care of temperature controlled transport as well.
This covers the following:

  • chilled goods down to +4°C
  • frozen goods down to -20°C
  • frozen goods down to -80 °C

In our planning, we are also happy to look after your hazardous materials. We have experts in the field of hazardous goods transport available to us. At the same time, we are also happy to move your administration and production areas.