Company Relocations

Office and property removals, private moves for your employees or relocation service. We literally think of everything when it comes to relocating!

Company Relocations

Office and Business Removals

Company relocations can often be complex and are always time critical. Your company’s infrastructure that has outgrown its existing location needs to be relocated in a seamless way. You also want business to carry on as usual and as quickly as possible after the move. In order to reduce any downtime, we are able to carry out company relocations over weekends if required, and we will actively support you leading up to the move to ensure that your relocation project is planned as carefully and expertly as possible.

Relocation Planning and Logistics Advice

Before we start to plan and offer advice on the relocation of your office or business, we will arrange an appointment with you at your business premises. We will take a look at your current set-up and make a note of your preferences and requirements. We will use this information to create a tailor-made quotation and relocation concept which meets your individual requirements.

In the case of complex relocation projects, we document all of the arrangements in a handbook. The handbook comprehensively details key responsibilities, master plans, schedules, inventories and employee arrangements. We use our tried-and-tested checklists which provide all the important details at a glance and enable us to carry out the necessary sub-tasks strictly on schedule.

A Convenient One-Stop Service

We are able to handle any packing and disassembly/assembly work during the relocation process if required. We can deal with all your IT network cabling at your business premises and we can devise well-conceived floor plans based on an analysis of your inventory.

We are very well equipped to handle any of your technical needs. Heatable cargo spaces with pneumatic suspension and tail-gate lifts are standard components of our specialised vehicles which are all monitored by GPS. We can offer rollable and lockable transport systems for files, books and computers. We are also equipped with modern external lifts for higher floors.

We are also able to relocate complete server rooms and libraries. Why not contact us to find out more! We literally think of everything when it comes to relocating!

Employee Relocations

If one of your employees needs to move frequently for business reasons, we can offer a special service contract for employee private removals. First of all, we will jointly work out which processes should be defined in a standardised way and we will agree on the scope of the additional services. If required, we can manage the entire project, including transport, assembling furniture and installation work. These clearly defined conditions will be specified again in an individual general contract. A standardised agreement makes it easier for you as a company to manage your employee relocation projects in the future. World-wide relocations are made even easier due to the fact we are part of the international UTS network. We can also offer a complete Relocation Service for your employees.

Relocation Service

Moving abroad can involve many changes and present a number of challenges for you and your family. We can offer a relocation service that is supported by our global partners who will be available at the other end to quickly help you feel right at home in your new country of residence. All services are included which will make life so much easier when you are moving abroad. Our Relocation Service Team will be on hand to help you manage any of your requirements, from visa applications and property searches to pre-school applications.

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