Haberling pursues an environmental management and supports the project "United Buddy Bears" for a peaceful coexistence.


Sustainable Operations

In order to protect the environment in a sustainable way, Haberling uses solar energy systems when destroying files and data media. The material that is destroyed during this process is then recycled. A high proportion of the vehicle fleet complies with the Euro 6 emission standards. Haberling started to invest in electromobility for its new commercial vehicles in 2018. All packaging materials that are used during transportation are made from recycled materials.

United Buddy Bears

Haberling supports the United Buddy Bears project. Around 140 Buddy Bears have travelled around the world since 2002 promoting global peace and harmony. Each of the two metre tall Buddy Bears represents the people and the culture of a country recognised by the United Nations. Each Buddy Bear is designed in a completely unique way by an artist from each of the countries. The different types of designs produced by the artists reflect national diversity and symbolise the joy of life. Approximately 35 million visitors have already come to admire the Buddy Bears.

The Buddy Bears have been able to raise over 2,252,000 euros (June 2017) for UNICEF and local children’s charities through donations and auctions.

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